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About Us

eTS Dynamics Limited is a system consulting company that is dedicated to providing independent advice and delivery of ERP, CRM and general system change by actively engaging the commercial and people side to systems. We can't say we are not excited by what systems can achieve, but it is only when they are implemented to fully support a business and its people that they come into their own. Making this happen is what we like to do.


Our independence is key to this process, with impartial views on systems, reflective advice on your business options and outside of any internal politics, we are able to build bridges across and outside of your business to provide effective transformation delivery.

Our Philosophy

We want to deliver business value by empowering people through effective systems.


IT has long had the ambition to blend business, system and people, often shown in a 'virtuous triangle'. We believe the business need has to come first, after all it’s the reason the need has arisen and it is the vehicle to deliver. The people work together to achieve the aims of the business and only then can the systems be made to support that process.


It's this combination of independence with a commercial understanding that gives eTS the edge in being able to assist your organisation.

Our Clients

Our clients range from small owner operator companies with complex needs, to some of the UK's largest and most well known charities, as well as commercial businesses of varying sizes and marketplaces. 

Our Services

From guiding strategy to full lifecycle transformation programmes and projects, eTS can provide expert assistance guidance and management bringing successful delivery of these projects. For more information see our what we do page.

Our Team

eTS provides a mechanism of directly getting the right consultants to assist or even fully deliver your products. Independence within eTS is also important for our work. As well as a core team eTS has a network of independent consultants that it can call on for specific areas of expertise to help your project succeed at a cost that is sensible.

Founder and CEO - David Shipp

Starting with a finance background David quickly got involved in systems with HP and now has nearly 30 years experience in and around the IT and systems world. In 2005 having worked both on the client side and reseller side of the industry he became frustrated by how many projects and systems seemed to start and end with a list of technical capabilities rather than the true benefits they could deliver to a business and the people that worked in it. 



After a period of 'rescuing' projects where the system had taken over the need, ETS Dynamics was formed to help facilitate the relationship between businesses in need on one side and resellers on the other. Initial wariness from resellers changed to his services being requested or suggested by those same resellers in expectation of a better outcome for their clients.


Today David maintains a full  presence in programme and project delivery, relying on strong relationship building coupled with a real blend of technical, business and people skills to ensure the best delivery outcomes. Always willing to learn and to pass on lessons learned, David has had the good fortune to work with many very talented people over the years and maintains those relationships to collectively stay at the leading edge of the industry and practices.

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